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FCAT Testing schedule is as follows:

FCAT 2014:

April 21st-30th Reading (6th & 7th Grade)  Computer-Based

April 23rd Math (7th & 8th Grade)   Paper-Based

April 24th Science (8th Grade) Paper-Based

April 28th-May 7th Math (6th Grade) Computer-Based

April 28th-May 7th Reading (8th Grade) Computer-Based


April 21st-May 16th History/Civics Computer-Based

April 21st-May 16th Algebra 1 Computer-Based

April 21st-May 22nd Geometry Computer-Based

April 21st-May 22nd Biology 1 Computer-Base



Parents:  Don’t miss this final opportunity to purchase a 2013-2014 yearbook at the discounted price of $40.00.  Only pre-purchased books are guaranteed for delivery.  On May 1st the price will be $45 cash only, and only while supplies last.  PTSA will no longer accept checks after May 1st.  Order forms can be downloaded on the school’s website.



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Please click on link below to find the fliers advertising the DOE ESE Annual Parent Survey in English and Spanish.




Click for Spring Parent Calendar  Spring Parent Calendar

The Code of Student Conduct handbook has gone green. The 2013/14 Broward County Public Schools Code of Student Conduct handbook is available to parents and students electronically in English, Haitian-Creole, Spanish and Portuguese. A limited number of printed copies and signature pages are available to parents/guardians. Parents/guardians may contact their school to request a printed copy.

MARGATE MIDDLE Survival Guide  – click here

To apply for our Free & Reduced Lunch program, application may be made online.  The web address is  Online applications are now being accepted for the 2013-14 school year.  If you need to complete a paper Lunch logoform or have a question, call Ms. Goldensohn at Margate Middle  754-322-3830.
Parent letter from Food and Nutrition Services
To all Free and Reduced Lunch students THERE ARE NO PAPER APPLICATIONS this year. All applications must be filled out online at by September 27th.

FDOT Encourages All to be Cautious as Students Return to Class
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and their Community Traffic Safety Team (CTST) partners remind motorists to take extra traffic safety precautions as students head back to school. The beginning of the school year is a time when children are at increased risk of transportation-related injuries from pedestrian, bicycle, school bus and motor vehicle crashes. FDOT offers the following tips for making back to school commutes safer for motorists and students.  Click here for flyer.

Students entering 7th grade for school year 2013-2014 are required to have a Tdap vaccine.

To comply with the health requirements of the Broward County Public Schools you must produce an original, signed and dated DH 68O form, with every immunization your child has had, up to and including the Tdap vaccine (Tetanus diptheria pertussis).  You can obtain this completed form from the Broward County Department of Health or your child’s physician.

Your child will not be able to enter the 2013-2014 school year until the completed form is turned in to us.

Students cannot be signed out in between 3:15 and 3:45pm.

All students will be dismissed to the west side of the building at 3:45.

Those who ride buses will board their bus from the front of the school.


Those who are car riders will wait for their transportation on the south side of the school (Atlantic Blvd). Parents must go through the parent pick-up line. Students will NOT be able to cross the parking lot to get to their cars. Please refrain from using your cell phone while in the parent pick up loop.

Students riding their bikes MUST wear a helmet BY LAW.

Walkers must follow the directions of the crossing guards.

Skateboards and bicycles must be walked off campus before using them.

In the event of severe weather, students might be held until it is safe to go outside. Please be patient in the unlikely event of this occurring.

Class Size and Student Placement
Due to the State Class Size Reduction law, students may need to be moved between teachers after the start of school to ensure compliance with the required student limits.  These limits are 18 students for Pre-Kindergarten to grade 3; 22 students for grades 4 to 8; and 25 students for grades 9 to 12 in core classes.   Please know that students’ needs, will continue to be met through proper instruction and services.  Additional information on core classes or anything related to Class Size Reduction is available on the Class Size Reduction website at
Tamaño de clases y ubicación de los estudiantes
Debido a la ley de reducción en el tamaño de las clases, puede ser necesario hacer movimientos de estudiantes entre los maestros aun después de haber comenzado el curso escolar para asegurar el cumplimiento con los límites en el número de estudiantes por sala de clases.  Los límites son 18 estudiantes por sala en los niveles de Pre Kindergarten  a tercer grado, 22 estudiantes por sala en los grados 4to al 8vo y 25 estudiantes por sala en los grados 9no al 12mo en los cursos medulares.  Por favor sepa que las necesidades de los estudiantes continuarán siendo satisfechas por medio de la educación y los servicios apropiados.  Información adicional acerca de los cursos medulares o sobre cualquier asunto relacionado a la Reducción en los Tamaños de las Clases, la encontrará en la página de Internet
Tamanho de Turmas e Colocação de Estudantes
Devido à lei estadual de Redução de Tamanho de Turmas, os alunos podem precisar mudar de professores após o início das aulas, para assegurar a conformidade com a exigência de limite de número de alunos. Estes limites são de 18 alunos do pré-jardim à 3ª série, 22 alunos da 4ª à 8ª série, e 25 alunos da 9ª à 12ª série em disciplinas básicas. Estejam certos que as necessidades dos alunos continuarão a ser atendidas através de ensino e serviços adequados. Maiores informações a respeito de disciplinas básicas, ou qualquer outro assunto relacionado à Redução de Tamanho de Turmas, estão disponíveis no website de Redução de Tamanho de Turmas (Class Size Reduction) em
Haitian Creole
Efektif saldeklas ak Plasman elèv nan saldeklas
Akòz lwa Leta sou rediksyon efektif elèv nan saldeklas (State Class Size Reduction law), lekòl-la kapab blije deplase elèv epi voye-yo nan klas lot pwofesè apre kòmansman anne eskolè-a pou asire li konfòme avèk lwa sou kantite maksimòm elèv nan yon saldeklas. Nan klas kote pwofesè anseye matyèdebaz, kantite maksimòm elèv yo kapab asepte se 18 elèv pou klas preskolè rive 3zyèm anne (grade), nan klas 4triyèm rive 8tyèm  anne (grade) se 22 elèv, nan klas 9vyèm rive 12zyèm anne (grade) se 25 elèv. Konnen, lekòl-la va kontinye satisfè bezwen edikatif elèv-yo avèk bon enstriksyon epi sèvis apwopriye. Enfòmasyon anplis sou ansèyman matyèdebaz nan saldeklas oswa enfòmasyon sou nenpòt keksyon konsènan rediksyon efektif elèv nan saldeklas, disponnib  nan sit Entènèt

The School Advisory Council (SAC) has the primary responsibility of creating the annual School Improvement Plan (SIP  Margate Middle SIP Plan).  The SAC is composed of parents, teachers, community members, school administrators, staff members and other stakeholders who meet regularly to establish priorities, set annual objectives, and monitor action steps for school improvement.  For meeting dates, agendas, and minutes click here.


Annual Notification of Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act  (AHERA) Related Activities.
Click here for information.


Acc-LogoAdvancEd (formerly SACS and SACS-CASI) is the accreditation agency for Broward County Public Schools, the nation’s largest fully accredited K-12 school district. Broward County became the first school district to become district-wide accredited school system in 2006 and then the first to achieve this feat a second time in 2011. This plan will prepare Broward County Public School to become the first school to achieve district-wide accreditation three times in 2016.
Click here for  accreditation webpage link
Click here for  link to the Accreditation Podcast is

The State Board of Education adopted new K-12 Social Studies Standards in 2008 called the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS).  These standards, which must be implemented beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, are aligned with the instructional materials adoption and implementation of new K-12 social studies textbooks. In 2010, the State Legislature passed the Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Civics Education Act: HB 105 which has been written into the 2011 Florida Statute Title XLVIII Education Code. The Statute can be found at  This law requires middle school students to take a Civics course and earn a passing score on an end-of -course Civics exam.  Beginning in 2012-2013 a yearlong Civics course will replace the current Geography course.  Geography standards are embedded within the Civics course as well as the other middle school social studies courses.  A field test will be administered to select middle schools throughout the state in 2012-2013 and beginning in 2013-2014, seventh grade students will be required to take a Civics end-of course exam that will count for 30% of their final grade. In 2014-2015, students will be required to earn a passing score on the exam in order to receive course credit and be promoted to high school.

For further information, contact Dr. Louise Ball, Social Studies Supervisor at (754) 321-1873.

Regular student attendance is very important for student learning and progress throughout the school year.   The State’s financial support for schools is also directly linked to student attendance. Absenteeism hurts our students and hurts our schools. When students are absent they miss out on learning opportunities and fall behind, and the school loses funding.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Margate Middle School  at 754-322-3800.

How to Register for School
Contact our registrar, Ms. Erhard at 754-322-3820.
All students must have the proper immunizations before enrolling into a Broward County Public School.  Please click here for information on required shots and where to acquire them.

In accordance with Florida law, we are providing you with your child’s school financial report.  The figures in this report represent the revenues and the expenditures allocated to the school, both in total and per FTE (full-time equivalent) student.  This data is compared to the rest of the schools in the district and the state.  The purpose of this report is to inform parents of the resources that were available to the school during the 2010-11 school year. Click here for report.   Click here for explanation of report details.

The Spring 2012 Understanding FCAT 2.0 Reports document is now available on the Department’s website on the FCAT 2.0 homepage at
The document includes explanations of the student and educator reports, a glossary of the terms used in these reports, and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) content assessed on the FCAT 2.0.

Got Box Tops?!?!  Did you know that our school received a check for $10,000 from General Mills Box Tops?? Like other schools, we too are trying to collect and save those General Mills Box Tops rewards cut out from the boxes of General Mills products. To Margate Middle they equal MONEY!!! Help us raise money by clipping and saving the Box Tops Rewards from all General Mills Products. You can send them in with your child. Thanks for supporting the General Mills Box Tops Program and Margate Middle School.


Thank you to the following teams for participating in the Box Top For Education program. Keep those box tops coming!

eTutor provides free online homework help through live chat with a certified tutor from 2 PM to 10 PM seven days a week.  Broward eTutor also offers practice tests available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service is available to anyone with a Broward County library card. To obtain a free Broward County library card, visit your local public library.
For more information go to
Click here for flyer and more information.

A new option has been added.  CLICK HERE

Offer to Students on FREE Lunch for reduced Internet access rate and Computers for $149.00.

What is provided as part of this program?
COMCAST is partnering with Broward County Public Schools to offer low-cost, high speed Internet access directly to the homes of students who are eligible for Free Lunch. COMCAST will also make available a computer at a discount and provide free Internet training to get the students and their families started! The cost of $9.95 a month plus tax is being made available for the next three years and include activation fees and installation.

How will this benefit our students?
This program addresses the “digital divide” by addressing two of the barriers to connecting to the Internet – access and computer. These Broward students will be able to access digital textbooks, check on their assignments, access their grades, research information and use instructional learning tools – all available through the Broward Education Enterprise Portal (BEEP) Student system.

How the Program Works:
1. Families with children enrolled in the free lunch program can sign up for low-cost, high-speed Internet service. Cost is $9.95 per month plus tax.

2. These families can also buy a computer at a discount ($149.00). The computer is a NETBOOK with wireless card.

3. Training is provided at no-cost to the families by COMCAST

4. COMCAST will install the service and provide parental control software that addresses online security.

5. This offer is available for three school years to families.

6. Families must live in areas with COMCAST service.

How does a Family show evidence of qualification and sign up for the program?
1. Family member calls and 800 number (1-800-765-6995) and makes arrangements with a COMCAST representative.

2. Letter of eligibility for Free Lunch distributed by food service must be sent to COMCAST by the eligible families.

3. COMCAST provides all installation as part of the offer at no cost to families.

4. Families decide whether they want to purchase the NETBOOK at the reduced cost.

How will information be distributed to eligible families?
1. A flyer will be distributed to eligible families who qualify for free lunch through the Food Services Department in conjunction with the application for free lunch.

2. An Internet-Essentials web site ( provides further details on the program. The Broward Schools website will also provide information on the partnership with COMCAST.

3. Parent-Link Message is sent to the families of students who are enrolled in FREE LUNCH as a reminder.

4. Information can also be found at public libraries and community organizations.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Jeanine Gendron, Director of Instructional Technology at 754-321-0475 or the COMCAST Representation Dawn Stagliano, Director of Government Affairs and Community Investment at

The Florida Legislature approved a change to the School Zone Speed Limit Speeding Fine structure.The School Zone Speed Limit fines have now been changed, to allow the local authorities to Double the Speed Limit Fines for speeding in an active school zone, during the times where the speed limit is posted at 15mph.

The new  Speeding Fines Doubled sign is now being installed at school zones around Broward County.   You will start seeing these signs installed at the entrance of the over 900 school zones that have yellow flashing school zone lights.According to our local police departments, many of the school zone speeding tickets that are issued during the first half hour of a school zone in the morning, are issued to teachers and other school district employees going to work and then during the second half hour of the school zone tickets are issued to parents and others who reside in the communities located around our schools

Textbooks available on Student Portal at
Log into Student Portal and enter username and password. Username and password is same as Virtual Counselor Username and Password. Username – 10 digit student ID, Password = student birthdate mm/dd/yyyy (be sure to include ‘/’; also password subject to change by student)

Did You Know?… Textbooks Available Online!

Per state statute students are given the opportunity to receive their core textbook in print or digital format. Since all of Broward’s core instructional materials are available on BEEP, middle and high school students and parents have the option of receiving their take-home materials in digital format. Simply, complete the Optional Access to Instructional Materials form and return to your homeroom teacher!
Available Middle School Textbooks…. click here